Be bold. Be beautiful. Be amazing.

At Akili Kabibe Apparel our mission is to encourage the African American women to be bold, be beautiful, and be amazing. This women's empowerment apparel line was developed on the principles of education through black love, cultural awareness and preservation of an ever evolving history.

Fashion and art are the ultimate forms of social and cultural activism and combined they are instrumental in fostering individual choice and social change.

Akili Kabibe Apparel started out as and exclusively remains a women's empowerment apparel line dedicated to celebrating the essence of black women and culture, In a time when people of color and those who are in support of a movement are being attacked for their activism, this apparel line seeks to uplift and celebrate the beauty of a strong race of underrated power, in a bold and stately manner.

‚ÄčOur history runs deep and this line seeks to capture every instance that makes up the essence of being black.

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